EXEA - Una Porta per Tutti

EXEA - Una Porta per Tutti


The engraved doors of EXEA protagonists of the house, highlight the style and personality of those who furnish their homes.

Lightness of  the shapes and originality at the same time, fully express the philosophy of the engraved lacquers. Simplifying also means adding lightness, that's why our engraved doors are perfect for a young and dynamic living.



Thickness, materials and technological precision, mark the uniqueness of the EXEA pantographed doors.

An infinite variety of models, sliding external and intramural sliding doors, filomuro, dublo’, and the wide range of colors proposed, so the doors of this collection become design elements able to become part of the different furnishing contexts.

EXEA - Una Porta per Tutti

AGOPROFIL - porte pensate

To conjugate the aesthetical level of our doors with the attention to the health of the user and the environment, is the strategy traced for years by AGOPROFIL® for its own productive development.
This ecological trend wants the doors to be varnished in an eco-compatible way with water-based paints, and therefore utilizing solvents as little as possible. AGOPROFIL® prefers the utilization of woods arriving from guarded forests, guaranteed by projects of preservation.

Creativity, imagination, technological analysis and quality. Planning is at the base of making all of our products. From the project we achieve the productive perfection through every intermediate stage of design, prototypes and development. When creating our doors, we consider at the same time the aesthetical aspect, the usage functions and the construction features, going through the examination and the exploration of the market request and trends. Minimal lines, contemporary tones and colours, the employment of innovative materials discern the products of these collections, aimed to attentive consumers who wish for a distinguished mark for their own environments.


EXEA - Una Porta per Tutti


Regione Rossi, 1 - Belvedere Langhe (CN) - 12060
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EXEA - Una Porta per Tutti


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